Exploring Lip Ties

If you have a baby, you know that there are a lot of different things that can come up from time to time. Finding out that your child has some sort of irregularity can be a difficult situation for anyone, especially mothers who want to be sure that their babies are healthy and content.

One of the common issues that children have to deal with is something known as a lip tie. What is a lip tie, why does it matter, and what can be done about it? That’s what we’re going to go ahead and take a look at here.

What is a Lip Tie?

Everyone has what is called a labial frenulum – this is, in short, the piece of tissue that sits back behind your upper lip and, at times, attaches to your gums. Everyone has one, and they’re all different sizes. The problem happens when that tissue is either too stiff or too thick; it can cause your upper lip to feel “stuck” and can make it difficult to move your upper lip around. When this happens, it’s called a lip tie, and you will likely be able to see it early on in babies, especially if they’re having an issue with breastfeeding.

Is a Lip Tie Problematic?

some problems with breastfeedinglip tie surgery cost

As mentioned, lip ties can cause some problems with breastfeeding. It can make it hard for a child to be able to latch onto their mother’s nipple properly, which can make it difficult for both mother and child. Also, depending on the location and severity of the lip tie, you may also find a child having some difficulty in regards to speech because they have to adjust their mouth motions due to discomfort.

What Can Be Done About Lip Ties?

Thankfully, the process of getting a lip tie taken care of is pretty simple. If you decide to go with laser surgery, the lip tie surgery cost can be around $700 – but some of that can be covered if it is deemed to be medically necessary for the child. Tongue ties, which are a similar issue, but under the tongue, can be $750 to $800. If the tie is something that needs more follow-up, it could end up costing more than this – you just need to be sure that you work out the plan and sort out what it is that you’ll be paying for out of pocket and what your insurance is going to cover.

Take some time to talk to your pediatrician to see what they have to say about the lip tie. In many cases, the lip tie is harmless and it can just be left alone. In other cases, you may have to make a consideration in order to help your child not have too many issues in regards to breastfeeding and speech. Always talk to your doctor before making any sort of decision, and be sure that you talk with them and let them know what you’re considering here – it can make a difference.