Types of Incontinence

There are various reasons why men and women might not be able to control their bodily functions and understanding what type of incontinence that you have will aid in its treatment. Once doctors know about the type of incontinence and why it was caused, then they will create a personalized plan for you to control it.

The different reasons for incontinence can include stress incontinence, where pregnancy or childbirth pushes the bladder away from the muscles that keep the bladder supported. Then the muscles that keep your bladder closed aren’t able to do their job and there is leakage during stress. This stress can include things such as menopause, or even sneezing, laughing, or coughing suddenly.

Urge incontinence is when you feel the urge to use the bathroom, and then instantly do. Your bladder will empty during sleep, after touching or hearing water, or even when you are very anxious. This can be because the nerves that send signals to the bladder are damaged, or the muscles are damaged.

Finally, the most well-known cause of incontinence is overactive bladder which happens when your bladder is triggered at the wrong time by your brain. Then, you have to use the bathroom much more than is normal or feel the need too without any warning.

How to Treat Incontinence

The good thing is that you and your doctor can treat incontinence because the muscles that control your bladder can be trained and taught. One of the first things a doctor will do is tell you to record when you use the restroom over a period of days, then the doctor will tell you to go at intervals throughout the day.

Going into the bathroom at these periods of time will eventually train your body to ‘anticipate’ going and you will form a habit.

If overactive bladder is the problem, and your brain is the one that is causing your incontinence, then a doctor can help. Doctors will put you on medication that will block those signals and help the muscles relax. While the medication can cause side effects, most of the time they are worth it when it comes to stopping overactive bladder.

Finally, there are certain surgeries, injections, catheters, and other materials that can help bulk up the muscles around your bladder. This will ensure that your muscles will hold the bladder in and be stronger than normal to ensure that you have total control over your body.

First Understand, and then Defeat

Incontinence isn’t something to be ashamed of, as most of the time it isn’t anyone’s fault and can be fixed either through medication or injection. So, if you have the symptoms of incontinence and think you know why you have it, then be sure to communicate with a doctor and get all the help you need.

treat incontinencesomething to be ashamed of,

Once it can be understood, your doctor will recommend the changes that need to be taken. With time and patience, you can bring your body back under control without any problems.